By Let Grow

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Social-Emotional Learning Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Social-emotional learning is an essential part of today's schools and classrooms. This is for good reason, too. Social-emotional learning has been shown time and time again to be essential for...
By Amber Roshay

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5 Edible Science Experiments for Great Hands-On Learning

Some days you don't have to decide between doing a science experiment and making a snack—you can do both at the same time! My kids are endlessly fascinated with the...
By Trevor

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Should We Still Be Teaching Kids How to Read and Use Maps?

The other day I was on a work trip in Los Angeles and had to traverse  four different interstates, take 10 back roads, and skirt three traffic jams to get...
By Nichole Watson

Read Time: 6 minutes

Behavior Charts Encourage Fear and Inequality in the Classroom, and It’s Time to Get Rid of Them 

Behavior charts aren't doing our students any favors. It's time to get rid of them in classrooms and try a different approach.
By Michele Hollow

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We Should Encourage Special Needs Kids to Struggle, Fail, and Prevail

Our special needs kids are capable of achieving. We should create expectations that encourage them to embrace struggle and overcome challenges.
By Michele Hollow

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Should You Teach Your Special Needs Child How to Handle a Knife, Turn on the Stove, and Perform Other Kitchen Duties?

Do your special needs kids have kitchen skills? Learn how to support special needs in the kitchen to encourage independent kids.