By Let Grow

Read Time: 7 minutes

Let Grow Takes a Look at Crime Statistics

Don't let fear rule your parenting. These common sense crime statistics show the world is safer for kids than it's been in decades.
By Amber Roshay

Read Time: 5 minutes

What You Need to Know About Leaving Kids Alone

As parents, we tend to keep our children close. Yet the older they become, the more childhood independence they crave. This push and pull of keeping them safe and wanting to...
By Let Grow

Read Time: 9 minutes

Let Grow Looks at Common Child Safety Myths and Facts

Today’s parents are bombarded with more information, advice, and “cautionary tale” news stories than ever before. From viral Facebook posts to breaking news, it seems like there’s always something new...

Read Time: 4 minutes

4 Surprising, Science-Backed Benefits of Free Play

It won't come as a surprise to Let Grow families that a healthy amount of unstructured play is vital for whole-child growth, development, and well-being. We know it gets kids...
By Lenore Skenazy

Read Time: 1 minute

A Video for Lawmakers About the Free-Range Parenting Bill

Several states are considering so-called Free-Range Parenting laws that would make sure that giving kids some independence—by choice or necessity—is not mistaken for abuse. Lawmakers in Texas, South Carolina, Connecticut,...
By Lenore Skenazy

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9-Year-Old Testifies on Behalf of South Carolina’s Free-Range Parenting Bill

Elizabeth Broadbent and her son Blaise helped us fight for the civil rights of kids! And major props to Sen. Vincent Sheheen (and South Carolina) for recognizing how important it...