By Let Grow

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Chasing Childhood Is a Documentary Everyone Needs to See This Year

Let Grow is featured in the recent documentary, Chasing Childhood. This Q&A with one of the directors looks at how childhood has changed over time.
By Elizabeth Peyton

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My 4th Grader Is Failing English, and He’s Going to Have to Figure It Out

When this English teacher found out her son was failing English, she had to make a decision. Does she get involved or let him figure it out on his own?
By Jeremy Knoll

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Should We Still Be Teaching Civics?

Should we still be teaching civics? This high school English teacher argues that we need it now more than ever. Learn why.
By Trevor

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Teachers Everywhere Have a Message for Parents: Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework

This teacher and dad explains why it's such a bad idea for parents to do their kid's homework. Learn why he says it can have a negative impact long-term.
By Holly

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In Polarizing Times, Adults Can Help Kids Learn to Think for Themselves

Learn how to encourage independent thinking in young people by helping them find and share their voice in a responsible way.
By Elizabeth Peyton

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I’m Failing Forward As a Parent and Teacher, and I’m Okay with That

I was a straight-A student. I was the girl who always did my homework, always broke the curve, always went above and beyond. As my fellow overachievers can attest, you...
By Jodi Maurici

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21 Things Teachers Really Want You to Stop Doing for Your Kids

The day our children are born is quite possibly one of the happiest days of our lives. We vow to protect them and keep them safe at all costs. But...
By Let Grow

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Social-Emotional Learning Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Social-emotional learning is an essential part of today's schools and classrooms. This is for good reason, too. Social-emotional learning has been shown time and time again to be essential for...
By Kate Sundquist

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What Is Unstructured Play?

The best parenting advice I ever received came from a mom whose son went to toddler music class with mine. She had tried to replace the drumstick he was gnawing...
By Lenore Skenazy

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Should I Worry About All the Time My Kids Spend Doing Nothing?

It might seem like kids have a lot of wasted time and do nothing, but it's actually important for kids to have down time.
By Amber Roshay

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How to Get Your Kids to Stop Whining—Yes, Really

I get up early to write before my two minions, ages three and four, open their eyes. I dash out of bed to turn on the coffee maker and wait....
By Mike

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How to Teach Kids to Solve Their Own Problems

I learned to solve my own problems by attending the School of Hard Knocks. At least that’s what my mom called it. Growing up, I heard, “You’ve got to figure...