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Welcome to Our Spiffed Up Site Full of Goodies for You!

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Readers, we are always glad you are here, but today in particular we are delighted to welcome you to THE NEW LET GROW WEBSITE! What’s here?

What ISN’T?

We’ve updated our education page to make it even easier to bring Let Grow’s free independence-building programs to your elementary, middle, or high school. Likewise our new legal advocacy page has what you need to start making your state more childhood-independence-friendly. (As we just did in Virginia!)

Free Kit: 10 Weeks to a Let Grow Kid!

Want to start loosening the reins at home? Take The Let Grow Pledge of Independence here — and you’ll get 10 Weeks to a Let Grow Kid. Free! We’ll send a fun (and sometimes funny) Action Card to your email once a week for 10 weeks. And by then your kids will be busy piloting jumbo jets and hiking the Himalayas.

Or at least unloading the dishwasher and getting themselves to the bus stop.

$8000 in scholarships for high school students.

If you have a high schooler in your life, don’t forget that the Think for Yourself Essay Contest is open till the April 30th. Teens can win $8000 in scholarships to college or trade school by writing a short essay about a time freedom of thought, word, or deed made a difference in their EVERYDAY life.

Prompts include: “Write about a time you spoke up — or didn’t — for an unpopular idea.” “When did you change your mind about a strongly held belief?” And “Give an example of a time social media impacted your willingness to share your true thoughts.”

But wait — there’s more!

Want to have our president, Lenore Skenazy, keynote an event? Here’s our new Speaking Engagements page.

Our ever-popular Let Grow Kid License is available here too. Kids can flash it to let onlookers know, “I’m not lost or neglected!”

Finally, here’s a new page you may want to share with friends: Risk v Reward. You’ll find:

Real world crime stats

Research on safety myths

A list of the neglect laws in every state

And, God forbid, advice on how to talk to the authorities, should the need arise.

We hope it doesn’t! Then again, Let Grow is busy changing the world so that letting our kids do more on their own is easy, normal, and legal. To that end, we’ve even got a new DONATE page to help us make all these things happen.

Read about who we are and how we started, for a little lift. And please consider yourself part of Let Grow. We’re all in this together! Glad you’re here!

P.S. Look below! Comments! Please, no shaming or blaming. 🙂

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