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23 Funny Signs That Go a Bit Overboard with the Cautions and Warnings

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Signs serve important purposes. They educate us, inform us, and even caution us. However, sometimes they can go a little far with their extreme warnings. We pulled together some funny signs that do just that. What do you think? How many of these signs get a little ridiculous or take it too far? Be warned—lots of sarcasm implied.

1. When the sharp edges are the thing that’ll most likely take you down.

You’ll want to read the small print on this funny sign.

2. When cleanliness matters most.

“Let’s keep those streets clean, Utah,” writes the woman who posted this sign.

3. When dunking gets dangerous.

Mark writes, “I’ve never heard of someone dying from doing a slam dunk!???”

4. When playgrounds ruin family trips.

Funny Signs Watch

Source: Let Grow

How dare you go into the rest-stop bathroom (where this sign was posted in Illinois) while your kids play on the playground!

5. When the rules get a little extra.

Funny signs playground no

Speaking of playgrounds, you’re free to play as long as you follow ALL the rules. This seems like the kind of park where parents monitor their child’s every location, too.

6. When those playing ice sports just don’t seem to get it.

Funny Signs Ice

Source: Renée

Why, yes, that is an warning sign about ice at the entrance of the ice rink.

7. When you’re practicing better safe than sorry.

Funny Signs Disposal

Source: Jay Boytm

Yes, but what is that on the bottom left corner of the sign?

8. When hugging and single men are equally evil.

You better take those hugs somewhere else.

9. When one visual isn’t enough.

funny signs broken chair

Source: Jen

Sit at your own risk, according to this funny sign.

10. When you need to take the fun down a notch.

funny signs playground

Source: Let Grow

Don’t even think about those playground activities. (This sign is at the lakefront of Milwaukee at an overlook, but it’s still in a park with lots of grassy options.)

11. When you’re having a problem with children in machines.

Kelly writes about this sign, “The wonders of a laundromat.” Oh yeah, that makes more sense now … or not.

12. When humans can’t be trusted anymore.

This Key West sign looks like it’s been altered, but it’s still not going to be popular among the human types.

13. When you need that extra reminder.

Funny Signs Fire Pits

Source: Kim Rathwell

If you didn’t heed the sign in #12 and went to the beach anyway, then at least don’t step on the hot coals. Seems logical.

14. When you’re trying to send a message to those tired people.

This could mean so many different things.

15. When you need a strong visual to get your message across.

Funny Signs Mud keep out

Source: Paul Landry

We really want to know if the googly eyes were part of the original design.

16. When you need to send a STRONG message.

Funny Signs Wires

Source: Dana Hunter

If the instant death doesn’t get you, then the fine will.

17. When you don’t want any accidents.

Funny Signs Peanuts

Source: 9GAG

You can never be too careful.

18. When snack time has to wait.

funny signs no bare feet

Source: Laura Icardi

Laura writes about this sign, found in Virginia, “Heaven forbid anyone bring their lunch to the park!”

19. When Captain Obvious gets involved.

Funny Signs Stop Sign

Source: 9GAG

In case you need a refresher from driver’s ed.

20. When you’re having trouble with toilet water disappearing.

Funny Signs Reclaimed Water

Source: Joe Luca

We hope those visiting this urinal see this sign in time.

21. When you want to be super clear.

Funny Signs End Sidewalk

Source: JJ Rotogeek

Someone should tell Shel Silverstein.

22. When you need to take it one step at a time.

The author of this post writes, “I miss the old San Diego Hall of Justice (and its stupid signs).”

23. When you have a lot of things to say.

Funny signs Anzac Park

Source: Unknown

So many warnings. But at least there’s alcohol.


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