helping out independence challenge

Seeing Kids Helping Out Was a Highlight of the Independence Challenge

Sheltering in place has been a challenging time for many families. So many people have had to figure out new ways to do things, leading to a lot more kids helping out. We saw so many great examples of kids helping out that we wanted to recognize them here.

You’ll learn about Noah, who learned how to fix the toilet because his dad was down and out from surgery. You’ll meet Laura, who learned to mow the lawn on her own for the first time. (It was not a riding or easy push kind of mower either.) Look for Lydia, who made her own mancala board out of wood and then taught her brother how to play. Finally, get to know Terry, who made his own floating platform bed, using his own money. His family has been hit financially by everything going on, and he found his own way to help.

Our Independence Challenge truly showed us the truth: Kids today are at LEAST as smart, strong and capable as their parents were at their age. They just needed a chance to prove it! To check out their stories, just click on a photo, scroll through, and read about what they did. These kids really inspired us, and we hope they inspire you—especially your kids! And who knows? Maybe photos of your kids helping out will be featured in the next Independence Challenge.

By the way, you can see a full list of the winners from the Independence Challenge right here. You can also get our Independence Kit, a free download, to encourage your kids to be more independent and take on challenges of their own. It’s right here.