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Kids Learned How to Sew and Make Masks During the Independence Challenge

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Sewing skills aren’t just a thing of the past. Not only do kids who try sewing learn a valuable skill that they’ll be able to use for years to come, but they’re also helping others while they’re at it.

During our recent Independence Challenge, several kids wrote to us about sewing and making masks in order to do their part to help others. Daishanay, 14, wrote about how she made her mask entirely by hand. She says, “It took quite a while, but the project kept me occupied and productive.” She made several masks for her family, and we love all the extra time and attention she put into it by completing them the old-fashioned way: with a needle and thread.

Take a look at the other great sewers from the challenge, featured below. Just click on a photo, scroll through, and read some of the stories. These kids show great kindness in their actions, and we hope it inspires others to keep passing it forward.

By the way, you can see a full list of the winners from the Independence Challenge right here. You can also get our Independence Kit, a free download, to encourage your kids to be more independent and take on challenges of their own. It’s right here. 

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