Make A Mason Jar Snow Globe with Photos

This is the perfect gift for kids to make all on their own!

Snow globes are always a big hit with kids, so they’ll be delighted to learn they can make their own in just a few simple steps! Even cooler? They can personalize their mason jar snow globe with photos of friends and family. They’re a truly unique gift, and people will be so impressed to hear that kids made them all by themselves.

Mason Jar Snow Globe Supplies

  • Mason jar (or any jar with a tight-fitting lid)
  • Water
  • Chunky glitter
  • Laminator (or clear contact paper)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Photos
  • Water-proof decorations

Step 1: Prepare your photos

Mason Jar Snow Globe Step 1

Choose photos that will fit inside the jar with room to spare. Cut out the parts you want to use for your mason jar snow globe. You can use traditional photos, or photos printed on copy paper. Laminate the photos (or seal them between two layers of clear contact paper), then trim off the excess plastic. Be sure not to cut too close to the photos, or the water might leak through and ruin them.

Step 2: Decorate the jar lid.

Mason Jar Snow Globe Step 2

Use lots of hot glue to attach your decorations to the jar lid. Make sure the decorations are made of plastic or another material that won’t fall apart in water. Use a big drop of glue to attach your photo, holding it in place while the glue sets.

Step 3: Fill the jar.

Add a generous amount of glitter to the jar. Then fill the jar with water almost to the very top. Remember to leave a little room, because your decorations will cause the water level to rise.

Step 4: Add the lid and shake!

Mason Jar Snow Globe Step 4

Dry off the rim of the jar. Then turn the lid upside-down and screw it onto the jar, making sure it’s nice and tight. Now shake your mason jar snow globe and watch the flakes fly!

Here’s a video that walks you through the whole process, start to finish.

Once kids find out how easy it is to make their own snow globes, they’ll want to assemble a whole bunch! Save a few mason jar lids to put together these DIY Bird Feeders too. And be sure to check out the Let Grow Independence Kit, which is full of projects kids can tackle on their own.