30 Really Cool Gifts Kids Can Make on Their Own

The best gifts are handmade and come straight from the heart.

Teach kids about the magic of giving by encouraging them to create their own presents for family and friends. These easy (and inexpensive) gifts kids can make on their own help them develop independence along with all sorts of useful skills. They’ll take pride in offering up these tokens, and those who receive them will know just how much they’re loved.

Woodworking Gifts Kids Can Make

Don’t be afraid of power tools! Teach kids how to use them safely then set them loose on these project ideas.

Sofa Cupholder

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make A Beautiful Mess
This simple project is perfect for beginning woodworkers. Plus, it’s truly practical!

Get the DIY: A Beautiful Mess

Candy Dispenser

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Instructables
Ever dreamed of having your very own gumball machine? Then you’ll love this DIY project! Fill it with your favorite candy or nuts for a gift everyone will adore.

Get the DIY: Instructables

Peanut Butter Bird Feeder

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Inner Child Fun
If you’ve got any birdwatchers on your list, they’ll be thrilled to receive this present! It’s as simple as drilling holes into a log. Check out more DIY bird feeder gifts kids can make here.

Get the DIY: Inner Child Fun

One-Board Birdhouse

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Birds and Blooms
One more for the bird lovers! Once you’ve built this easy one-board birdhouse, grab some paint and decorate it any way you like.

Get the DIY: Birds & Blooms

Wall Photo Display

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Ana White
Clothespins turn this basic wooden grid into a photo display or message center. This is another gift idea that’s perfect for customizing.

Get the DIY: Ana White


Sewing and Yarn Gifts Kids Can Make

Pick up some colorful yarn or collect fabric scraps then tackle one of these fiber crafts. Kids will build fine-motor skills while they create gifts anyone would love to receive.

Hula-Hoop Loom Rug

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Flax and Twine
Raid the garage for an old Hula-Hoop and turn it into a loom. This is a terrific idea for using up odds and ends of yarn you already have.

Get the DIY: Flax & Twine

T-Shirt Yarn Place Mats

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Creative Jewish Mom
Here’s a gift idea that won’t cost you a dime! Transform an old T-shirt into yarn then weave it into a bright and cheery place mat.

Get the DIY: Creative Jewish Mom

Felt Embroidered Coffee Cozies

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Craft Whack
The coffee fanatics on your list will delight in these personalized felt cozies. Kids will have fun creating their own designs as they learn basic sewing stitches.

Get the DIY: Craft Whack

Pom-Pom Rug

Let Grow Gifts Simplify Create Inspire
Who can resist a soft and fluffy rug to keep their toes warm on a chilly morning? Be sure to make a few extra pom-poms for a game of indoor catch, too.

Get the DIY: Simplify Create Inspire

Flannel Rice Heat Pack

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Premediated Leftovers
Basic sewing skills are all you need to whip up this rice heat pack. Add some essential oils, like lavender, to make it extra soothing, too.

Get the DIY: Premeditated Leftovers


Food Gifts Kids Can Make

Edible gifts are always a hit! Give kids the run of the kitchen, and you’ll be amazed at what they can create.

Chocolate Pretzels in a Snowman Jar

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Polkadot Chair
Chocolate-covered pretzels are easy to make, whether you melt the chocolate in the microwave or on the stovetop. What really makes this gift stand out is the adorable mason jar turned snowman!

Get the DIY: Polkadot Chair

Jar Lid Mini Pies

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Pies
Can’t decide which kind of pie to make? Enter these cute mini pies! Kids can fill them with a variety of flavors for their recipients to enjoy.

Get the DIY: Jar Lid Mini Pies

Microwave Caramels

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Cooking Classy
Would you believe you can whip up delicious homemade caramels in the microwave in a matter of minutes? It’s true! Kids and adults alike will be amazed at how easy it is to make this delicious treat.

Get the DIY: Classy Cooking

Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make The Best Ideas For Kids
Also known as “fruit leather,” fruit roll-ups have been popular for years. They’re surprisingly easy to make at home, and kids can try out all kinds of awesome flavor combos.

Get the DIY: The Best Ideas for Kids

Beeswax Food Wraps

DIY Beeswax Wraps Final
Looking for environmentally-friendly gifts? Make these beeswax food wraps. They can replace plastic wrap, wax paper, foil, and more.

Get the DIY: How to Make Beeswax Food Wraps


Wearable Gifts Kids Can Make

Recipients will love showing off these kid-made gifts. (Grandparents are especially fond of being able to say, “Look what my grandchild made me all by themselves!”)

Elastic Scarf Headbands

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom
Scarf headbands are trendy and quick to whip up. They do require basic sewing machine skills, though, so this is a perfect craft for sewing novices to try.

Get the DIY: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Clay Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make The Rising Spoon
Make pretty patterns on ordinary air-dry clay then string them as pendants. Add a few drops of essential oil to each pendant for a sweet-smelling gift.

Get the DIY: The Rising Spoon

Washi Tape Wooden Bracelets

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Mama Miss
Soak wood craft sticks in water then bend them into a curve shape and decorate with washi tape for a funky bracelet. (Try making matching bracelets for parents and kids—or BFFs!)

Get the DIY: Mama Miss

Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie Dye Article pinterest
Tie-dye never goes out of style. Try our bottle method for a low-mess version of this classic craft. But don’t be surprised when kids start begging to tie-dye everything they can get their hands on!

Get the DIY: Learn How to Tie-Dye

Marbled Clay Bead Bracelets

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Angela Anderson
Marbled clay beads are tons of fun to make, and you can be certain your gift creations will be absolutely unique.

Get the DIY: Angela Anderson


Arts and Crafts Gifts Kids Can Make

Grab the glue, pull out the paints, and snag your favorite pair of scissors! These gift ideas are full of creative potential.

Styrofoam Mosaic Frame

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Pink Stripey Socks
Transform landfill-cluttering Styrofoam into colorful mosaic photo frames with this clever idea. It’s the ultimate upcycling craft project.

Get the DIY: Pink Stripey Socks

Four Seasons Fingerprint Art

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Rhythms of Play
Pick up some canvases and paint a matching set of images that represent the four seasons. Your thumbprints are the leaves! (You can also use mini canvases and turn these into refrigerator magnets.)

Get the DIY: Rhythms of Play

Crystallized Beach Rocks

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Happy Hooligans 2
Whether you pile these in a decorative bowl or use them for out-of-this-world paperweights, crystalized rocks are truly spectacular. Plus, kids learn a little bit about science while they’re crafting.

Get the DIY: Happy Hooligans

Duct Tape Checkers Set

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Parents
Who knew you could do such neat things with duct tape? Pick out pretty patterns to make this travel checkers set. The only additional supplies you need are a zipper bag and wood or cardboard circles.

Get the DIY: Parents.com

Dot-Painted Dish Towels

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make I Can Teach My Child
Plain dish towels become a beloved memento with the addition of a little fabric paint (and love!). Cut out your own cardboard stencils to make any pattern you like.

Get the DIY: I Can Teach My Child


Writing and Paper Gifts Kids Can Make

Parents and relatives treasure the words kids write. That’s why these gifts are bound to be popular with anyone who receives them.

Word Clouds

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Happy Hooligans 3
Choose a person you love and list words that make you think of them. Then use a free online word-cloud generator to make a design you can print out and frame.

Get the DIY: Happy Hooligans

Crayola Calligraphy

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make YouTube
Calligraphy makes anything you write seem extra special, and you don’t need fancy pens to do it. Crayola markers are a fabulous tool for learning to do decorative lettering.

Get the DIY: Crayola Calligraphy/YouTube

Handmade Books

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Books
Calling all storytellers! Once your masterpiece is written, use these clever ideas to transform your words into gift books.

Get the DIY: MakingBooks.com

Pop-Up Cards

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Sweet Teal
Handmade cards are so much more personal than the kind you buy at the store. These pop-up cards will definitely wow anyone who finds them in their mailbox.

Get the DIY: Sweet Teal

Jar of Love

Let Grow Gifts Kids Can Make Crafting a Green World
Want a gift that keeps on giving the whole year? Write 365 reasons you love someone then pop the reasons into a jar so your loved can pull out a new one each and every day.

Get the DIY: Crafting a Green World


Looking for more gifts kids can make on their own? Browse all of our Let Grow DIY projects here.