Professional Learning

Promote independence, resilience and can-do kids in your community.

We’ll give you tools and guidance for developing kids’ competence and confidence.

Let Grow provides engaging professional development opportunities for schools and communities. With our expertise in childhood independence, social-emotional growth, and how to get kids to venture beyond their comfort zones, we’ve got an array of offerings to meet your needs.

Professional learning workshops

We offer both in-person and virtual professional learning workshops. Together, we’ll support and guide educators and parents to encourage student independence both in the classroom and at home.

Professional learning book study

Our book study programs get faculty and staff talking. With guidance from our experts, you’ll tackle important topics including social-emotional learning, the up-side of “down time,” and how to create an even more welcoming school climate.

Professional learning in conversation

“Play is the work of childhood.” Think back on your own play memories and learn about how to get that richness into your students’ lives. Play empowers kids. It’s not a break from learning — it IS learning.



What Happened to Childhood?

Join Let Grow president and co-founder Lenore Skenazy in this professional — and extremely entertaining — live, in-person workshop. Together you’ll explore how and why childhood has changed over the years, and the impact today’s intense culture has on students. Using examples from real students, including your own, you’ll discuss ways to make kids more independent, curious, and “less fearful, more cheerful.”


The Let Grow Parent Kickoff

Available as in-person, or a virtual event, we’ll help you look at why our culture considers kids fragile. Learn how this holds students back from becoming more independent, resilient, and ready to take some simple risks (like raising their hand!). Finally, we’ll show you how Let Grow’s school programs can help get kids soar by teaching them that failure IS an option. Nobody’s perfect, but everyone can do more — and love doing it!  

Book Study

Free-Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy

Free-Range Kids: How to Let Go and Let Grow is the bestseller that became a movement. This thought-provoking and funny parenting book looks at what it takes for parents and teachers to let kids try things on their own. It isn’t always easy, but it IS always a game-changer! Participants will get into great, deep, fun discussions, along with author Lenore, who went on to co-found Let Grow.

Teaching educators how to handle differences of opinion is among the most important tasks we are currently facing in the classroom. I applaud Let Grow for having the courage to move in this direction.

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