Professional Learning

Promote independence and resilience in your community.

We’ll give you tools and guidance for developing capable and confident kids.

Let Grow provides engaging professional development opportunities for schools and communities. With our expertise in childhood independence, education, and Moral Courage™, we have several unique offerings to meet your needs.

Professional learning workshops

We offer both in-person and virtual professional learning workshops. Together, we’ll support and guide educators and parents to encourage student independence both in the classroom and at home.

Professional learning book study

Our book study programs will get school faculty and staff talking. With guidance from our experts, you’ll tackle important topics on social-emotional learning and diversity.

Professional learning in conversation

Get courses that empower educators to engage students in courageous conversations. Learn to inspire and empower students to take action and improve their own lives and the greater world.



What Happened to Childhood?

Join Let Grow president and co-founder Lenore Skenazy in this professional learning workshop. She’ll help you explore how and why childhood experiences have changed over the years. Plus, learn how we can all get involved to change both minds and behavior.


The Let Grow Parent Kickoff

Available as in-person, or a virtual event, we’ll help you look at why our culture looks at kids as fragile. Plus learn why this holds students back from being independent, resilient, and confident. Finally, we’ll show you how Let Grow school programs can help. 

Book Study

Don’t Label Me by Irshad Manji

Don’t Label Me: How to Do Diversity without Inflaming the Culture Wars provides fresh, relatable guidance that fits well with any school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. Participants gain a powerful perspective on how to tackle the challenges of your school and community.

Book Study

Free-Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy

Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry) is a thought-provoking and funny parenting book that looks at the courage it takes for parents to let kids try things on their own, which isn’t always easy! Participants will get into great discussions, along with author Lenore, who is co-founder of Let Grow.

Online Course

Learning and Teaching Moral Courage™

This online course for educators explores the Moral Courage framework for navigating emotionally charged issues and viewpoints. Since it’s self-paced, educators can work through video case studies, problem-solving scenarios, role-plays, and independent exercises on their own schedule. Educators will come away with the knowledge and tools to teach Moral Courage to their students. Coming Spring 2021.

Teaching educators how to handle differences of opinion is among the most important tasks we are currently facing in the classroom. I applaud Let Grow for having the courage to move in this direction.

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