By Katy Anderson

Read Time: 5 minutes

Loose Parts Play is the Real Brain Booster That Fancy Toys Pretend to Be

Learn the value of loose parts play when you just let your kids go and figure it out on their own. All they need in a few parts to get...
By Stacy Tornio

Read Time: 3 minutes

7 Leaf Project Ideas and Experiments to Try This Fall

It's peak leaf season right now, so it's the perfect time for kids to head outside and gather the prettiest and most colorful leaves they can find. But then what?...
By Trevor

Read Time: 4 minutes

Teachers Everywhere Have a Message for Parents: Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework

This teacher and dad explains why it's such a bad idea for parents to do their kid's homework. Learn why he says it can have a negative impact long-term.
By Michael Peyton

Read Time: 6 minutes

Why Sharing an Office with Your Kids is Awesome and Awful at the Same Time

A while back, I had a coworker who constantly clipped his fingernails in the cubicle next to mine. I don’t work in one of those super trendy, everyone-gather-in-the-open-concept-kitchen-at-2pm-for-kombucha-and-a-presentation-about-essential-oils companies, so...
By Elizabeth Peyton

Read Time: 6 minutes

I’m Failing Forward As a Parent and Teacher, and I’m Okay with That

I was a straight-A student. I was the girl who always did my homework, always broke the curve, always went above and beyond. As my fellow overachievers can attest, you...
By Jodi Maurici

Read Time: 8 minutes

21 Things Teachers Really Want You to Stop Doing for Your Kids

The day our children are born is quite possibly one of the happiest days of our lives. We vow to protect them and keep them safe at all costs. But...
By Amber Roshay

Read Time: 5 minutes

5 Edible Science Experiments for Great Hands-On Learning

Some days you don't have to decide between doing a science experiment and making a snack—you can do both at the same time! My kids are endlessly fascinated with the...
By Stacy Tornio

Read Time: 2 minutes

This Kid-Friendly Project Will Teach You How to Grow Air Plants

When you learn how to grow air plants with this easy project, you'll see that it's an easy gardening project for adults and kids.
By Tom Dittl

Read Time: 4 minutes

Make Your Own Cardboard TV—All You Need Is a Box

It's easy to make a cardboard TV. All you need is an empty box and a few other supplies. This is a great project for kids to make their own...
By Let Grow

Read Time: 2 minutes

DIY Bird Feeders Kids Can Make on Their Own

Check out these DIY bird feeders that kids can make entirely on their own. The projects only need a few supplies each. Then add seed!
By Unknown Member

Read Time: 4 minutes

Learning How to Tie-Dye Proved to Be a Great Life Lesson

Learning how to tie dye has truly withstood the test of time. This DIY project is great for kids of all ages and is a great lesson in patience and...
By Stacy Tornio

Read Time: 4 minutes

This DIY Fairy Garden Is the Perfect Gardening Project for Kids

This DIY fairy garden is easy for kids to do on their own. You just need a birdbath, plants, and DIY fairy furniture you make out of sticks.