By Trevor

Read Time: 4 minutes

Teachers Everywhere Have a Message for Parents: Stop Doing Your Kid’s Homework

This teacher and dad explains why it's such a bad idea for parents to do their kid's homework. Learn why he says it can have a negative impact long-term.
By Holly

Read Time: 7 minutes

In Polarizing Times, Adults Can Help Kids Learn to Think for Themselves

Learn how to encourage independent thinking in young people by helping them find and share their voice in a responsible way.
By Jodi Maurici

Read Time: 8 minutes

21 Things Teachers Really Want You to Stop Doing for Your Kids

The day our children are born is quite possibly one of the happiest days of our lives. We vow to protect them and keep them safe at all costs. But...
By Kate Sundquist

Read Time: 6 minutes

Why Hands-Off Learning Is a Huge Opportunity for Kids

My kids are used to roaming the nearby streets. They are used to finding friends and wildly running through the common spaces of our neighborhood. Each of my kids is...
By Gary Karlson

Read Time: 6 minutes

Turns Out, Soft Skills Are Actually Essential Skills—and We Need Them Now More Than Ever

We need to stop using the phrase soft skills and start calling them essential skills instead. Our kids need these skills to have a successful future.