The Let Grow Independence Challenge 2022 WINNERS

They started chopping, shopping, and so much more!

Take a look at this video and see if you — and your kids — aren’t totally inspired to LET GO and LET GROW!

For our third annual Let Grow Independence Challenge, we asked kids to do something new, on their own. And then (for the usual legal reasons) we asked their parents to send us a photo or video of the experience. The kids were all amazing. So much spunk and spark! And the winners are:

FIRST PRIZE – $300: The Dulka Kids of Camarillo, CA: Joseph (8), Dietrich (6) and Hildegard (5), who built an amazing fort and split the prize.

Two of three Dulkas!


$100 to: Rachel Grizzle, 9, of New York City. She made a whole meal — including baked chicken and Brussel sprouts — for her family.

Rachel Grizzle

$100 to Pierce Landis of Tampa, FL, who (eventually) assembled a soccer goal by himself!

Pierce Landis

As you’ll see in the video, all ages entered. They were chopping, hopping, sewing, mowing, going, building, helping and just plain growing, The knives were out, the training wheels off, the burners on, and the kids — unstoppable. It’s a GREAT feeling to do something new — especially when it’s hard or scary!

We celebrate all the kids who took part. And stay tuned later this week for the winning essay from a PARENT WHO LET GO!

If you’re inspired to do the same, hallelujah! Send us a photo! We’re collecting these and will be featuring more photos of kids doing things on their own. After all, this is a MOVEMENT, right? Let’s get moving!

And to the three Grand Prize-sharing Dulka kids who sent the thank you’s, below: Thank YOU! Keep being polite! You’ll go far!

Thank you, everyone who participated!