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It’s sad but true that giving kids some freedom and independence is no longer the norm, and we need to find each other. Raising Independent Kids is Let Grow’s Facebook group, with over 6500 members. This is a public group and a place for us to share stories, questions, encouragement and sometimes outrage – but not at each other! It is loosely moderated by members themselves, and a couple volunteers, and Lenore Skenazy and Andrea Keith will occasionally chime in!

Connecting Parents for Support, Stories, and Civil Discussion

Because of the Let Grow Project, he’s able to be creative, which I think gets lost a little bit in schools.

Father of 3rd grader

Thank you Let Grow for all you do to promote independence. And to all my fellow parents, I love that we have the opportunity to cheer each other on and push ourselves as we give our children an abundance of opportunities to play and grow. What a beautiful process.

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