Easy. Fun. Life-changing.

A pledge is a commitment, and families around the country are pledging to step back more so their kids can enjoy free time, free play, and doing things on their own. If you’re ready to commit to trying (we know it can be hard and a little scary) take the pledge! Make it official and we’ll help you succeed by sending you our 10 week series of Independent Action Cards.



WHEREBY: We all know that kids need some unstructured free time, play time, and a chance to figure things out on their own, because that’s how they develop life skills, deep interests and resilience.

AND WHEREBY: We also know that it’s really hard not to jump in to make things easier for them, or give them our great advice, or just take over. (But we get it: When we do that, we’re actually denying our kids some powerful learning experiences.)

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That we make a commitment to step back! We will allow some frustration and imperfection! We will let the kids be bored long enough to find something to do (besides TikTok). We will supply some Band-Aids and try not to freak out!

THIS NEW ATTITUDE will take some pressure off the kids (and us!)  and let us see just how much they’re capable of.

WE THEREBY: Take The Let Grow Parent Pledge to STEP BACK SO OUR KIDS STEP UP!

AND IN RETURN: Let Grow will send us a cool series of 10 Independence Actions – one a week – that will inspire us and our kids to new heights of confidence and independence.


WHEREBY: This coming year I will, of course, grow older. (So will everyone else. But anyway — )

WHEREBY: I would like some more independence, and I know that also means I have to show how responsible I am.


  • I will start to do more things on my own, after getting my parents’ permission.
  • I will not deliberately do anything bad, like hurt someone. And I will not go someplace I’m not allowed.
  • I will basically be a good kid, just with some more independence, responsibility, and excitement.

That’s it! This is my first semi-legal document so here it goes!