Save The Sleepover!

Sleeping bags and tents outside? Pillows and blankets inside? Either way, there is something thrilling and fulfilling about a sleepover. It’s like a playdate on steroids! (Though…perhaps that shouldn’t be its official tagline.)

While some kids are already back to school, that’s no reason not to say yes to this age-old activity. The weekends yawn (and so will you).

Sleepover qualms.

And yet…the sleepover has fallen on hard times lately. Aside from the obvious COVID issues, it had become less popular with some families over the years for fear their kids could be hurt, scared, or exposed to things they shouldn’t see.

We get that. Ick. So before your kid goes off, maybe have a little talk about how they don’t have to do or watch anything they don’t want to. That’s good for them to know in any situation.

Sleepover classics.

But also think about all the great things that happen at sleepovers, like bonding, and getting used to being away from your parents, and levitating the dead. (That’s what we did when I was a kid. I think it worked but I may be mis-remembering.) It’s also so interesting for kids to see how another family lives, has fun, and makes breakfast. It’s like a field trip on crack.


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Anyway, for our Sixth Summer of Independence Activity, we recommend a sleepover. And we remind you to TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR KIDS DOING SOMETHING NEW ON THEIR OWN.

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Good luck! And get some coffee. — L.