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Wow us some more, folks!

The Let Grow Independence Challenge continues this week, two ways:

Calling all parents!

First, we want to hear from you PARENTS! Enter here to tell us how you managed to let go and Let Grow! What did it take to allow your child to do something new, on their own? Did you worry? As hard as it is for kids to learn to ride a bike, it’s just as hard for us to let go of the handlebars.

Tell us your experience in a very short essay and you could win the Parent Story Contest that is a new part this year of our Let Grow Independence challenge. Deadline: Aug. 31. Watch the video below for some inspiration.

First Prize: $100 gift card

Two runner up prizes: $50 gift cards

But wait! There’s more! Kid Independence contest extended!

Due to a technical SNAFU, some families could not upload their entries to our Let Grow Independence Challenge entry form. We are extremely sorry that this happened! The problem has been fixed and we are now giving EVERYONE an extra two weeks to enter the contest. Enter here!

We’re asking you to send us a photo or video (or both) of your kids — or grandkids! — doing something new, on their own. If you already entered, you are hereby invited to enter anew and we will consider both your old and new submissions as separate entries, both eligible to win.

First Prize: $300 gift card

Two runner-up prizes: $100 gift cards

While we regret the tech issue, we’re glad to give everyone till Aug. 31 to enter the parent essay contest AND the photo/video contest showing off kids’ newfound independence.

Perhaps next year a child will enter showing us how they designed a fool-proof contest entry form on their own.

That child just may win an internship along with their gift card.

A mom tells how she learned to let go (and Let Grow).

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