By Elizabeth Peyton

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My 4th Grader Is Failing English, and He’s Going to Have to Figure It Out

When this English teacher found out her son was failing English, she had to make a decision. Does she get involved or let him figure it out on his own?
By Amber Roshay

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5 Edible Science Experiments for Great Hands-On Learning

Some days you don't have to decide between doing a science experiment and making a snack—you can do both at the same time! My kids are endlessly fascinated with the...

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Bug Hotels, Toad Houses, and Other Backyard Wildlife Habitats Kids Can Create

If you and your family love the great outdoors, or if you're looking for ways to get your kids interested in the flora and fauna around them, it's time to...
By Kate Sundquist

Read Time: 6 minutes

Why Hands-Off Learning Is a Huge Opportunity for Kids

My kids are used to roaming the nearby streets. They are used to finding friends and wildly running through the common spaces of our neighborhood. Each of my kids is...
By Mariko Zapf

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Flour, the Shelter-in-Place Unsung Hero

I am not much of a baker. I have a signature one-bowl chocolate cake recipe that tolerates unsifted flour and a generous dose of extra cook time when the timer...

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Funny Parenting Tweets About Homeschooling Remind Us All That Professional Teachers Are Heroes

Check out these funny parenting tweets from parents taking on the role of teacher. At least they know how to laugh at these painful, awkward moments.
By Trevor

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Should We Still Be Teaching Kids How to Read and Use Maps?

The other day I was on a work trip in Los Angeles and had to traverse  four different interstates, take 10 back roads, and skirt three traffic jams to get...
By Let Grow

Read Time: 3 minutes

7 DIY Snow Experiments Kids Can Do on Their Own

Looking for DIY snow experiments? Get a recipe for making snow, try your hand at snow ice cream, and even learn how to make your own DIY snow globe.