Teachers: Press the Re-Set Button Now! You Can Prime Students for a Much Better School Year Ahead

Anxious, passive students need a jump-start. We've got one that's easy and free.

To state the obvious: This school year was not easy. If BEFORE the pandemic kids were passive, anxious and depressed, this year they were whatever the word is for passive, anxious and depressed on steroids to the 15th power with a passive, anxious, depressed cherry on top.

So? To bring kids clobbered by the COVID years back to life, some educators went straight to the problem: Kids had lost their excitement, curiosity and initiative? They would re-ignite it, fast, by telling their students they HAD to start doing something new and exciting ON THEIR OWN. After all, that’s how most of us get out of a funk, right? We get involved in something challenging or just plain fun, and pretty soon we’re back to normal.

The easiest way to make all that happen, as you’ll hear from the educators below, is with the one-stop shopping of The Let Grow Project. That’s a homework assignment that tells kids their job is to go home and do something they feel they’re ready to do, without their parents’ supervision — but with their parents’ blessing of course. We’ve got everything the schools need — the assignment, a letter to parents, a list of potential Let Grow Projects for kids K-8, even a form for kids to fill out — right here, so teachers can assign it as soon as this afternoon.

All our materials are free.

And by the way, kids and parents love it.

It’s a great way to end the school year on a high, and get kids ready to try more things on their own all summer long. They’ll return in the fall more mature and more competent.

Less like an anxious, depressed cherry.