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Why Do We Worry So Much About Child Abduction?

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As I explain in Free-Range Kids, we are so very worried about the extremely rare (thank God!) crime of child abduction because of our primed-for-panic brains. And the media. And the kids on the milk cartons, if you remember those.

And our inability to understand statistics and risk.

Brilliant YouTuber Henry Belcaster put it all together (quoting from my book). Watch below!

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Take back the fright! Fight back!



  1. MMark says:

    I fear many adults crave a sense of control. Mega-vigilence can prevent abductions. Perhaps. Likely as you say there are rarely abductions regardless. Yet my impression is many adults are harmfully, selfishly pursuing their obsession with what control they can muster. I, in contrast, benefitted greatly by playing outdoors, in the forests around us from very young ages, backpacking alone or w/ friends as a teen, white water kayaking under the auspices of the local kayaking club; hiking, swimming alone while camping. No threat of abduction. Ever. I was hit on by many pedophiles, religious cults, but never threatened. I attended freshman year of college as a minor. I recall no one raising issues about any of this. Happily to my benefit.

  2. MMegan Swanek says:

    Hi there! Video is not playing – not starting at the right part.