Independence Challenge

Enter the Second Annual Let Grow Independence Challenge and Win!

At Let Grow, we want to see how your kids are stepping up and becoming more independent. That means it’s time for our Second Annual Let Grow Independence Challenge.

Grand Prize: a $300 gift card. And we’ve got two runner up prizes of $100 each!

Two chances to win!

Here’s the entry form. The contest starts Sunday, so get those kids of yours doing something…independently!

The first week — Aug. 1-7 — we want you to send us a great photo of your child doing something on their own.

Week 2 — Aug. 8 -14 — please send us a great short video (under 2 minutes) of your child being amazingly independent.

Last year’s entries included lots of climbing, cooking, building, mowing and so much more.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Let Grow Independence Kit — we’ve got a ton of things kids can start doing by themselves. Or, just watch the 2020 winners:

This year’s winners will be announced at the end of September on our website and our social media channels. Check back soon!

But first — have your kids do something new on their own!