Kids, Show Us Something New You’re Doing On Your Own — and Win $500

The Let Grow Independence Challenge is coming back this Sunday!

On August 1st — this Sunday — Let Grow begins its Second Annual Independence Challenge, asking for photos of kids doing new things on their own.

There’s only one week to enter so don’t dawdle — get something underway NOW! Mow the lawn, ride your bike, make dinner — heck, make a mechanized goat that mows the lawn powered by you riding your bike to get dinner fixings for tonight.

Or whatever! Take pictures!

Then, from Aug. 8-15 we’ll open the second phase of the contest, asking for a super-short VIDEO of kids doing something new, solo.

Last year’s winners blew us away — see below. You could be a winner this year! And to any parents reading this: What a great time to step back and let your kids step up. Show us what they’re up to by coming right back here on SUNDAY, when we start accepting entries to The Let Grow Independence Challenge! Good luck all around!