How Dare Yahoo News Run This “Mom Issues Terrifying Warning” Story?

A mom AFRAID of being trafficked is not a mom who WAS about to be trafficked.

Opened up my Yahoo News page today and there’s a list of stories: Something about the Oscars, about Covid, about a dog, and then there’s this:

Mom Issues Terrifying Warning After Being ‘Hunted’ at Target: ‘I Will Never Forget’

Neither will many readers — and that is the problem. They will remember this headline, and possibly not the fact that when you read the piece you will see there is not a single shred of evidence that this woman was hunted by anything more than her imagination or desire for clicks.

The mom — real name not given, nor city (hmm!) — left the house “with several legal self-defense items, parked directly next to the store and took note of the vehicles parked nearby.”

That sounds like someone pretty ready to see an ordinary Target run as quite possibly her last. And sure enough:

“I had been browsing for only 10 to 15 minutes when I noticed a young gentleman. He was tall, skinny, dressed in a dirty grey two-piece sweatsuit, and brown work boots,” Peeky-Lou [the mom’s pseudonym] wrote. “He looked over at me, I smiled and said hello but his facial expression was blank.”

A MAN at Target? He must be up to no good!

Scary, right? A guy shopping and not smiling? And not using a shopping cart? My blood would run cold.

And he wasn’t even the only scary man at Target! There was another guy, and then ANOTHER guy “in the exact same situation.”

The “situation” being shopping while male. “I had a bad feeling about these three men, and it became clear that something was a bit off,” she wrote.

Something WAS off.

But it wasn’t the guys.

“Peeky Lou” continues to wander around the store, getting more and more distraught, and darned if she doesn’t keep seeing the guys doing their shopping, too. How unusual and disturbing!

Always trust your gut…even if your gut is on another planet.

“It felt as if I was being surrounded like a wild animal —hunted, even,” she wrote. “They were no longer trying to be inconspicuous, which was the scariest part of it all, and everything instinctual was screaming at me to get out of there.”

And this is why Yahoo stinks for running this story: It is contributing to that very same “instinct” that isn’t instinct at all — it is a car alarm of fear that goes off when a leaf falls on the hood.

This lady (if there really was a lady — the whole story is based on something someone wrote on Reddit) went to the store already taking the precautions you might take in Kandahar if you were wearing an American army uniform: Watch out for the enemy, always be alert, note your surroundings.

And then — paging confirmation bias — she sees the enemy all around.

Guess what happened in the parking lot!

When she finally leaves the store — with a male employee walking her to the car, per her request — guess what?

What I saw as I exited the store made me so sick to my stomach, solidifying all of my suspicions.

If you cannot guess the color and type of vehicle was parked near her, I am afraid you have not been paying attention to about 20 years of American news. Hint: It rhymes with “Fight man.”

And were the scary guys at this scary vehicle?

They were.

And did their vehicle have windows?

I’ll leave you to guess.

And did the author conclude this story by saying she only wrote it to make sure other women are aware of this terrible danger?

Perhaps she did, my friends.

Worse: Perhaps it will.