State Laws And Let Grow Updates in Pennsylvania

State Laws And Let Grow Updates in Pennsylvania

Let Grow is making a lasting impact across the entire United States. With the help of greater childhood awareness, volunteers and faithful donations, it is our goal to bring Let Grow programs to thousands of schools and neighborhoods across the country. Take a look at what’s happening in Pennsylvania and how you can help.

State Laws And Let Grow Updates in Pennsylvania

State Laws And Policies

Criminal Law:

18 PA C.S. is the criminal code, which provides an open-ended definition of criminal engagement, defined as any act as to child under 18 that violates a duty of care and support. This could be applied very broadly though it doesn’t specifically target children who are left alone or exercising reasonable independence.

Juvenile Court | Child Protective Services | Neglect Law:

42 Pa.C.S. Chapter 63 is the applicable code but it does not contain a definition of neglect. At the same time, Pennsylvania’s lack of care abuse definitions are used in practice to reach neglect. Pennsylvania’s reasonable and prudent parent law might be used to protect decisions to give children reasonable independence. An act of “serious physical neglect” which is considered abuse must be repeated, prolonged or egregious.


This webpage is not a legal document, and Let Grow does not take responsibility for the content. Be mindful that some localities have rules and guidelines even when the state does not. When in doubt, consult your local authorities to confirm the laws where you live. What’s more, laws change, as do judicial interpretations of them, and this webpage may not be updated immediately.

Nationwide State Laws And Policies

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Right now, most states’ neglect laws are incredibly open-ended. They say things like, “Parent must provide proper supervision.” We agree! But people have different ideas of what that entails. Select a state below to learn more about their laws, policies and how Let Grow is helping.