By Let Grow

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Social-Emotional Learning Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Social-emotional learning is an essential part of today's schools and classrooms. This is for good reason, too. Social-emotional learning has been shown time and time again to be essential for...
By Amber Roshay

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5 Edible Science Experiments for Great Hands-On Learning

Some days you don't have to decide between doing a science experiment and making a snack—you can do both at the same time! My kids are endlessly fascinated with the...
By Tom Dittl

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Make Your Own Cardboard TV—All You Need Is a Box

It's easy to make a cardboard TV. All you need is an empty box and a few other supplies. This is a great project for kids to make their own...
By Jill Staake

Read Time: 14 minutes

20 of the Best Backyard Games for Kids and How to Play Them

Once upon a time, backyard games for kids were everywhere. Kids roamed their neighborhoods throughout the day and joined up to play all sorts of games, with parents just requesting...
By Mike

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How to Teach Kids to Solve Their Own Problems

I learned to solve my own problems by attending the School of Hard Knocks. At least that’s what my mom called it. Growing up, I heard, “You’ve got to figure...
By Jeremy Knoll

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Why Teachers Want Your Kids to Fail

As the seniors I teach wrap up their final year of high school, I have one hope for them above all others: I hope they have their share of failures...
By Kate Sundquist

Read Time: 6 minutes

Why Hands-Off Learning Is a Huge Opportunity for Kids

My kids are used to roaming the nearby streets. They are used to finding friends and wildly running through the common spaces of our neighborhood. Each of my kids is...
By Trevor

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The Cancellation of Standardized Testing Is a Huge Win for Teachers and Students Across the US

With the canceling of standardized testing, teachers, parents, and students across America are thrilled. Learn why this is such good news.
By Trevor

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Should We Still Be Teaching Kids How to Read and Use Maps?

The other day I was on a work trip in Los Angeles and had to traverse  four different interstates, take 10 back roads, and skirt three traffic jams to get...
By Nichole Watson

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Behavior Charts Encourage Fear and Inequality in the Classroom, and It’s Time to Get Rid of Them 

Behavior charts aren't doing our students any favors. It's time to get rid of them in classrooms and try a different approach.
By Jodi Maurici

Read Time: 8 minutes

Our Students Are Struggling with Social Media and Anxiety—and Adults Are the Ones to Blame

While teaching a lesson on stress the other day in class, I posed a question to my 7th graders:  “Do you think you have more or less stress than your...
By Let Grow

Read Time: 3 minutes

7 DIY Snow Experiments Kids Can Do on Their Own

Looking for DIY snow experiments? Get a recipe for making snow, try your hand at snow ice cream, and even learn how to make your own DIY snow globe.