Check Out the Creative Winners of Our Cardboard Contest

These kids stepped up and made some amazing things out of cardboard.

We recently held a cardboard contest and received more than 150 amazing entries from kids. You can see those entries on the original contest page. Now it’s time to announce the winners.

Our team had a really tough time selecting winners because there really were so many great entries. We’d often say, “Did a kid really make that?” or, “Is that really cardboard?” In the end we took it to a vote, and three entries came out on top. We did decide to name seven additional honorable mention winners because we were seriously impressed. Take a look.

Our grand prize winner created a replica of her grandpa’s guitar.

Cardboard Challenge Anaya

This entry has amazing attention to detail. Anaya, 12, writes this about her entry for the cardboard contest: “My grandpa, who loved to play music, unfortunately died from pancreatic cancer, so I made a cardboard replica of his old fender guitar with real guitar strings to honor him. One day I want to be as talented and kindhearted as him.” 

This runner-up winner got inspiration from Star Wars.

Starwars winner

We’ll admit that we have a few Star Wars fans among our team, but all were impressed with this cardboard AT-AT replica with working legs. Nice job to 13-year-old Gabriel!

This runner-up winner was inspired by her pet parrot.

Cardboard Challenge Lola

We love this entry from 11-year-old Lola. She must have spent so much time carving out each section. Her mom, Madigan, writes, “Miss Lola Jayne has been creating with cardboard for as long as any of us can remember. Once learning of our cardboard contest, she immediately set forth on her birdcage project. Please note the latching door, removable perches, and food/water dishes as well as a treat container, full of cardboard treats! We do have a parrot at home who enjoys many of these amenities.” 

See the rest of our honorable mentions.