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Take social-emotional learning to the next level.

Moral Courage doesn’t just teach students how to be understood. It also teaches them how to understand.

Developed by Irshad Manji, Moral Courage is a powerful framework that teaches the art and science of listening to understand as well as to be understood. It emphasizes the need to explore commonalities before diving into differences. In our polarized times, recognizing our shared humanity and learning to communicate across disagreements take Moral Courage. 

For information, resources, and professional development offerings, visit moralcourage-ed.org, powered by Let Grow.

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Learn to appreciate diversity of viewpoints, which naturally exist in every community.

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Reimagine safe spaces, where students may speak honestly without judgement and embrace constructive conflict.

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Gain the tools to lead your own workshop and inspire a student-led task force to action.

It’s one thing to talk about social justice. But when you are empowering students, faculty, and staff to courageously address differences and discord, that’s the real work. Hence that’s the beauty of Moral Courage. I’m so appreciative for what it has done to launch my community in a positive direction.”

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