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5 Technology Hacks to Make Virtual Learning Easier

Virtual learning shouldn't involve a lot of adult intervention. For the most part, you want to be able to create a hands-off learning environment where students are as self-sustaining as...
By Michael Peyton

Read Time: 6 minutes

Why Sharing an Office with Your Kids is Awesome and Awful at the Same Time

A while back, I had a coworker who constantly clipped his fingernails in the cubicle next to mine. I don’t work in one of those super trendy, everyone-gather-in-the-open-concept-kitchen-at-2pm-for-kombucha-and-a-presentation-about-essential-oils companies, so...

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We Need to Stop Mom-Shaming Over Kids’ Screen Time

“Mom!” I heard my 5-year-old daughter yell from somewhere else in the house. I was in my home office, participating in a team meeting on Zoom (our new quarantine normal). ...
By Linda

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This 6-Year-Old Will Show You How to Make Stop Motion Videos

Imaginary play is awesome. And stop-motion animation can take this kind of world-building activity to the next level. How do I know? Our six-year-old son, Arias Freund, has become a...
By Kevin Stinehart

Read Time: 5 minutes

It’s Time for All of Us to Stop Googling Our Fears 

When you start googling out of fear, it's not likely to end well. This dad has great advice when it comes to googling fears—just don't.
By Jodi Maurici

Read Time: 8 minutes

Our Students Are Struggling with Social Media and Anxiety—and Adults Are the Ones to Blame

While teaching a lesson on stress the other day in class, I posed a question to my 7th graders:  “Do you think you have more or less stress than your...

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When You Monitor Your Child’s Phone, You’re Invading My Child’s Privacy 

Teen phone monitoring is never a good idea when it's mostly for a parent's curiosity. Let's give teens some privacy back.
By Holly

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In the Era of Fake News, Teaching Media Literacy is a Must

With all the different information sources out there, media literacy is essential. Get tips for teaching your kids and students about this important topic.
By Lenore Skenazy

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Life 360 Should Be Called “Life Sentence 360”

We need to stop normalizing child monitoring and surveillance. Let's show our kids and teens that we actually have some trust in them.
By Alex Frost

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Public Spaces Offer Great Teachable Moments, So Let’s Get Kids Off the Screens

Build soft skills and find great teachable moments when you're in public with your little one. Here are seven great scenarios.
By Lenore Skenazy

Read Time: 3 minutes

One Teen’s Argument for Why Parents Shouldn’t Read Texts

There's been a lot of focus on how technology is changing kids' relationships with each other, and the need for parents to closely monitor their kids' interactions online. But what...