5 Technology Hacks to Make Virtual Learning Easier

A few technology hacks might be just what your kid needs to make their learning more enjoyable.

Virtual learning shouldn’t involve a lot of adult intervention. For the most part, you want to be able to create a hands-off learning environment where students are as self-sustaining as possible. One of the ways to create such a space is to introduce kids to the brilliance of technology hacks that save time and make virtual learning a lot easier. Here are some of our favorite hacks, which are perfect to share with students so they can be a lot more independent with their learning.

Be more efficient with common keyboard hacks.

You can save so much time when you learn how to use your keyboard to your advantage. You can easily open new windows, split screens, and more with just a click or a tap here and there. Our friends at WeAreTeachers put some of the top keyboard hacks for a Chromebook together, and we made the above video to accompany it.

Communicate better when you embrace interactive digital files.

IndependentClassroomKit facebook image2

It might take a little time to get used to digital schedules and files, but it really does make virtual learning easier. There are lots of resources out there for free, especially in the education space. For instance, our Let Grow Independent Classroom Kit  has interactive digital files that students can use to communicate with their teacher and family, including digital schedules, goals sheets, and What I’m learning sheets that students can fill out. By creating an easy way to click and give feedback, it opens up the lines of communication between teachers and students.

Stay on task by using a digital planner app.


It can be overwhelming to have so much to keep track of, so consider using an app or online tool to help. There are plenty out there, either as an app version or on desktop. This list features some good ones to check out along with some other apps you might want to know about.

Make the experience enjoyable by finding resources and sites you actually like.


So much of success is about making the experience positive and enjoyable. Once you find those learning resources or websites you enjoy, it can really make a big difference. We put together this big list of independent learning resources worth checking out. Read about them and try them to find your favorites.

Get organized with a few more technology hacks.

This last video has a little bit of everything, but we especially love it for the organization hacks. Getting just a little bit organized really does save you time and help you do more on your own. Encourage students to check out the video, too (it’s kid friendly), and find a hack they want to try for themselves.