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Let’s Bring Childhood Independence to Your Home and Community

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As parents, we all want to raise kids who are resourceful, resilient, and ready to succeed. But today’s society often frightens us into holding our children closer rather than letting them free to grow. We know it’s hard to buck the trends, so we’re here to provide the family resources you need. When you think back to your childhood, what memories do you treasure most? Climbing to the top of the tallest trees? Riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends? Building a secret fort deep in the woods? Chances are good you had the most fun (and probably learned the most, too) when your parents let you do your own thing. At Let Grow, we aim to restore childhood resilience by pushing back on overprotection. We’ll help you gradually give your child the kind of freedom and responsibility (and fun) you probably remember from your own childhood.

Children need independence.

It’s a critical part of growing up. When kids get opportunities to do things on their own, they learn and develop in ways they can’t when adults are constantly stepping in. Letting kids be kids helps them build confidence, solve problems, and persevere—skills they need in our ever-changing world. Understand Let Grow’s Mission and Values to learn more about our beliefs.

Childhood is the time to take risks and explore.

Children who have free time and space are able to discover their interests, use their imagination, find their purpose—and have fun while doing it. These experiences build key skills like confidence, communication, teamwork, and more. Kids also need the chance to solve their own problems and navigate social relationships on their own. This helps them develop empathy and the ability to go beyond their own comfort zone. Explore our library to learn how kids can Get Independent.

Parents can learn to let go and Let Grow.

We know that parents are under a lot of pressure to supervise their kids at all times. But when we do everything with (or for) our kids, this leads kids to think they can’t handle obstacles on their own. Without some freedom, kids can miss the chance to grow into their full potential. That’s why Let Grow believes in Free-Range Parenting: the belief that our kids are safer and smarter than our culture gives them credit for. Our family resources are here to help you do just that. Delve into our extensive collection of articles on Parenting.

Step back so your kids can step up.

Independence can take many forms, from kids playing outside with others, to taking on household responsibilities, to thinking for themselves. That’s why we’ve developed our free Let Grow Independence Kit. It gives families the tools they need to encourage kids to step up and become more self-sufficient, like goal-setting sheets, incentives, and more. There’s even a Let Grow Kid Card to show your commitment to letting your kids have a little freedom. Get the free Let Grow Independence Kit and start building your child’s independence today!

Get free family resources to support your efforts.

Let Grow is dedicated to giving parents the tools and confidence they need to raise independent kids. In addition to thought-provoking articles about important parenting topics, you’ll find lots of resources like project ideas, games, and printable activities. Everything is free, and designed to give parents the boost they need to let kids be all they can be. Visit our ever-growing library of free printable resources.

Kids are safer than we think they are.

Every parent worries about their child’s safety, and these days there are more ways than ever for parents to control and monitor their kids. It may seem like the only way to keep your kids safe is to watch them every minute. Ready for some good news? Crime rates are at an all-time low, and they’ve been decreasing for years. It may not seem like it, based on the constant bombardment of negative news stories. But we’ve done the research, and it’s true: crime is down, and kids are safer than you think. Learn the truth about crime statistics and put your mind at ease.

The world is full of unproven myths.

Every new Facebook post and breaking news story can feel like a cautionary tale for parents. If you believe everything you see, you’ll start to think kidnappers lurk on every corner and screen time will destroy your kid’s brain. That’s why Let Grow is dedicated to helping parents figure out the truth behind these parenting myths, so you don’t need to let unsubstantiated fears rule your decisions. Educate yourself about common child safety myths and get the facts.

Knowledge is power.

Our goal is to help you challenge what seems to have become the new normal in parenting: constant control over kids. We’re always seeking out new ideas, both from experts in the field and real parents like you. Count on us to provide the family resources you need to raise independent kids in today’s world. Discover Let Grow’s recommended reading about parenting topics that really matter.

Get all the benefits of Let Grow.

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We’re changing the way the world views childhood independence.

We have programs available to bring our important message to your neighborhoods and communities. Check out our:

Parents deserve the freedom to make choices for their children.

Letting children play and do things on their own isn’t negligent—it’s critical to their development. But local laws meant to protect children are often overreaching and restrictive. Some communities already have laws that protect a parent’s right to let their children have a reasonable amount of independence. For those that don’t, we’re here to support the process of changing laws and rulings that punish parents for giving their kids some reasonable independence. Find out how Let Grow can help with legal and policy issues.

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