Let’s Bring Childhood Independence to Your School and Community

Let Grow is ready to help teachers and schools nurture independent, resilient students who are ready to succeed.

Educators know that when kids get opportunities to do things on their own, they build confidence, solve problems, and persevere—skills that serve them well throughout school and beyond. At Let Grow, we strive to help you prepare your students for a world in which the only constant is change. Our educator resources include programs, printables, articles, and more.

Independent kids are agile learners.

They’re able to adapt to new ways of thinking and embrace new ideas. That’s why our mission is to equip educators with the tools and confidence to encourage that critical independence. Our K-12 school programs and educator resources nurture self-reliance, social-emotional learning, and open-mindedness. Learn more about Let Grow’s Mission and Values.

Teachers can foster independence and resilience.

Some expect teachers to provide constant supervision and intervention in both academics and social skills. But when adults step back, kids often step up and find solutions on their own. Let Grow wants to help educators give kids the freedom to learn, explore, and succeed without an adult constantly pointing the way. Explore our constantly-growing library of articles on Education & Schools.

Social-emotional skills are essential skills.

Schools provide so much more than academics. Kids learn to navigate social situations and adapt to change just by being part of a classroom environment. When teachers incorporate social-emotional learning, they find their students are happier, healthier, and better at focusing on academics too. Find out why we think soft skills are great for social-emotional learning.

Step back so students can step up.

A classroom full of independent thinkers and doers makes teaching more effective—and easier!—in the long run. Establish routines and give students responsibilities, then watch as kids gain key life skills as they learn. Use our free Independent Classroom Kit to put students in control of their learning.

Implement Let Grow programs at your school.

The Let Grow Project helps parents take small steps to provide kids the independence they need to achieve their full potential. A simple homework assignment—try something new on your own—leads to beneficial, lasting change. Other Let Grow programs encourage free play and develop Moral Courage. Discover Let Grow’s school programs.

Take advantage of a variety of free educator resources.

Let Grow is building a library of effective, easy-to-use educator resources. Incorporate our collection of printable activities and DIY projects into your lesson planning. Everything is free to use and share with your students and their families. Dig into the Printable Resources archives and Let Grow DIY project collection.

Kids are safer than we think they are.

As teachers encourage kids to be more independent, they may face some push-back from parents concerned about their safety. Arm yourself with facts that show that crime rates are at an all-time low, and they’ve been decreasing for years. It may not seem like it, based on the constant bombardment of negative news stories. But we’ve done the research, and it’s true: crime is down, and kids are safer than we think. Learn the truth about crime statistics and put your mind at ease.

The world is full of unproven myths.

Facebook posts and breaking news stories have created an atmosphere of dread, but most of it is unfounded. Help families recognize that they can’t believe everything they see. We’ve rounded up the most common child safety myths to separate fact from fiction. Educate yourself about common child safety myths and get the facts.

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