By Kate Sundquist

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What Is Unstructured Play?

The best parenting advice I ever received came from a mom whose son went to toddler music class with mine. She had tried to replace the drumstick he was gnawing...
By Mike

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How to Teach Kids to Solve Their Own Problems

I learned to solve my own problems by attending the School of Hard Knocks. At least that’s what my mom called it. Growing up, I heard, “You’ve got to figure...
By Linda

Read Time: 6 minutes

This 6-Year-Old Will Show You How to Make Stop Motion Videos

Imaginary play is awesome. And stop-motion animation can take this kind of world-building activity to the next level. How do I know? Our six-year-old son, Arias Freund, has become a...
By Amy Lynn

Read Time: 5 minutes

I Allow My 6-Year-Old to Play Outside Alone on the River, and It Makes Her Stronger

The Milwaukee River runs through this mom's backyard. Read about what she's learned by allowing her 6-year-old daughter to play outside alone.
By Anam

Read Time: 5 minutes

My Kids Unlocked the Magic of LEGOs by Ditching the Instruction Manual

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, my husband rubbed my belly and whispered, “I can’t wait for the time of playing with LEGOs with you.” While my children’s...
By Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

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How Lawnmower Parenting and Takis Killed My Daughter’s Friendship

Like many moms these days, I could probably be a lot less involved in my kids’ friendships. Have you heard of lawnmower parenting (aka snowplow parenting)? They’re like helicopter parents,...
By Lenore Skenazy

Read Time: 3 minutes

The Surprising Educational Benefits of Dungeons and Dragons

In Texas, a group of kids who scored significantly higher than the rest of their district peers on a statewide test had magical powers to thank. These kids spent their...
By Tim

Read Time: 7 minutes

250+ Fun Activities For Kids To Do Instead of Homework

I'm an elementary school teacher in Southern California. For 25 years, I have to admit that I was staunchly pro-homework, until one day I had a revelation. Here's why I...
By Lenore Skenazy

Read Time: 2 minutes

Daycare’s Helmet Rule Takes Playground Safety to a Whole New Level

If you could go back 50 years, you'd see almost no kids wearing helmets as they zoomed around on bikes. So who knows if, 50 years from now, bareheaded kids...
By Lenore Skenazy

Read Time: 2 minutes

Why A No Rules Recess Might Be Just What Your School Needs

A New Zealand school made headlines a few years back when it introduced a No Rules Recess policy. They did away with all the don'ts at recess (except for the...